Tahlequah Pardon Lawyers

A pardon is like a gift. If you’ve been charged with a crime, there are a few ways Cook/Thompson Tahlequah pardon lawyers can help to keep you at home instead of going to jail. When you receive a pardon, it’s comparable to forgiveness for the crime that you committed. In most situations, the involvement with the crime is removed from the record like it didn’t happen. Fortunately, you cannot be tried again for the exact same offense that you received the pardon for, which would constitute as double jeopardy. Keep in mind that a pardon doesn’t mean that you’re not guilty. It simply means that you’re no deserving of punishment at the time.

Deferred Sentence

When working with a Oklahoma expungement attorneys Cook/Thompson, one of the ways that you can be pardoned is to receive a deferred sentence. After giving details of the crime to the judge, then the judge would make the decision to push aside giving you a sentence to a later date. There is a plea of guilty given at the time of the trial. When the judge defers sentencing, you are free to live life as normal until your next court date. It could be a few months later or even years later. There are responsibilities with a deferred sentence that include paying any fines or fees and not committing another crime. If you abide by the laws of the state, then the judge will often dismiss the charge altogether.


Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys Cook/Thompson can help you get your criminal record cleared if there’s something on there that is hindering events in your life. An expungement is when the charge and the sentence are cleared away from the record. There are a few charges that can’t be cleared away, such as murder, but most offenses can be expunged. When the charge is taken off, it’s often easier to find a job or enroll in school as there won’t be any details on the record to prevent enrollment or employment.

Get Your Rights Back

After going through the ordeal of being charged with a crime and being sentenced in some way, Cook/Thompson of Tahlequah pardon lawyers can assist you in getting your rights back. Depending on the charge involved, there could be an application that needs to be completed. Once your rights are in place once again, it’s important not to commit any other crimes that could take them away for a longer period of time.

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