Divorce: Do You Need an Attorney?

Filing for divorce is often a long, difficult, and painful process but not always. Sometimes the desire for a divorce is mutual, and both parties are able to agree on the terms . If important issues like custody of children, ownership of property, and alimony can be agreed upon by both parties amicably, then an attorney is likely not needed.

Marital Assets

It’s important to note that in Oklahoma, an Equitable Division is the default. This means the court will decide on a division of marital assets, typically assets acquired during the marriage, that is not necessarily equal, but is fair. This is only the default division, and if divorcees can agree on alternate terms, that is fine.


The purpose of an attorney in a divorce filing is to protect the best interests of one of the divorcing parties. If both parties cannot agree on any important decisions at any point during the filing, hiring an attorney is likely a good idea. It is possible to simply bring these contested issues before a judge on the court date, but without professional legal counsel, the outcome of such action is difficult to predict.

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