Tahlequah Civil Rights Lawyers

Tahlequah Civil Rights Lawyers: Cook/Thompson knows your civil rights are the rights that are afforded to you in the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution. These are rights that allow you to receive fair treatment in various circumstances and places, such as school or the workplace. The basis for civil rights is to protect all citizens equally. The Civil Rights Movement started the process for protections against African Americans before expanding to all people in the country. There are a few basic rights that are sometimes violated more than others. If your rights have been violated, it’s important to contact Cook/Thompson an Oklahoma civil rights attorney for assistance.

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

This is a right afforded by the Eighth Amendment. There will be no punishment given that is inhumane. The punishment should not violate the dignity of a human being. An example would be a lack of toilets in a jail setting or a lack of food just because someone is in jail. Our Tahlequah civil rights lawyers can work to fight against the punishments that are given so that inmates and those who are arrested are at least treated like members of society.

Excessive Force

When an officer uses force that is greater than what is required to subdue the defendant, the action is considered excessive force. Courts often recommend only the minimal amount of force to be used when arresting an individual. Anything other than that can be considered excessive, especially if it results in an injury to the defendant.


Discrimination comes in several forms. It could be because a person is disabled or could be discrimination against gender. In general, the definition is any kind of treatment that is unjust because someone belongs to a different category than another group, such as age, race or sex. Our Tahlequah civil rights lawyers can look into the discrimination to determine how the act occurred, reaching some type of settlement with the person who committed the act.

Search And Seizure

This is a right protected by the Fourth Amendment. Citizens are protected from unreasonable searches and the seizure of items from those searches. Officers must have a reasonable suspicion or probable cause that something illegal is present before conducting a search. Speaking with the experts at Cook/Thompson Law Firm your Oklahoma civil rights attorneys can often result in the evidence being thrown out if an unlawful search can be proven.

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