What Happens if I’m Arrested?

Being arrested can be a frightening experience, especially if you’re unsure about what happens afterwards. It all depends on the circumstances of your arrest.

With or Without a Warrant

If you were arrested with a warrant, you’ll be taken to see a judge, usually within 24 hours of your arrest. If you were arrested without a warrant, which is legal under certain circumstances, such as if the arresting officer witnessed you committing a crime, or if the officer had probable cause to believe a crime was being committed, and did not have time to acquire a warrant. In this case you’ll still be brought before a judge, but since police will need time to file the appropriate forms and documents, it may not be for as long as 48 hours. Oklahoma law allows for a time longer than 48 hours, if the arrest took place on a weekend.

What will a judge do?

Once you’re brought before a judge, they will do a number of things. The judge will inform you of your rights, formally charge you with whatever crime you are accused of, and set your bail. Bail in most Oklahoma counties is determined by the crime being accused, while in other counties it is left to the judge to decide. You may also be granted release, on your own recognizance, meaning you agree to appear at future court proceedings regarding your case.

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